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Tired of Stink Bugs? | Environment

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Tired of Stink Bugs?

News outlets all over the Mid-Atlantic region have been reporting on the recent invasion of Stink Bugs (also called Shield Bugs). While the creatures are not really harmful to humans, they can destroy crops and plants (not to mention they can be a real annoyance for the average joe.

Especially annoying are the countless stink bugs clinging to thee exterior doors of homes that easily crawl or fly in with ease when the doors are opened. Just how can we rid ourselves of these pests?

Quite a few of the currently available news stories suggest a method known as "exclusion" to deter the little pests from entering the home. However, this doesn't really cover the annoyance of them gaining access via an open door or the annoyance of getting bombarded by them around the outside of your house.

With a little knowledge and some basic equipment, even the average homeowner can rid themselves or at least get some relief from the stink bug invasion.

Talstar Pro is a great insecticide that works extremely well against stink bugs. You'll need a sprayer device (can be found on pest websites or Amazon - I suggest Chapin sprayers). Another product that can be sprayed along the outside of the house is Cyonara 9.7 which is also available online (Google it).Make sure you know what you are doing before you work with these insecticides - improper use can be dangerous. Both of these products are generally very safe once they are dry (dog friendly).

Whie this may not provide permanant or constant relief - it may at least prevent the little guys from getting into your home and overwintering only to emerge in the warmer days of late winter and spring.

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