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Photo Gallery | Mitt Romney Campaigns In Va.


On Thursday, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited hundreds at the American Legion Post 176 in Springfield,Va., as part of his campaign.

Gov. Romney stated that he is concerned about America's future and the direction we are headed. Romney laid out five ways he would change America including taking advantage of our energy resources, such as: oil, coal, and gas on U.S. soil. Romney then said that he wanted to open up new markets to trade and sell America's goods, make sure our schools are giving the students what they need, and champion small business. 

"I want small businesses to grow, be able to hire more people, and pay higher wages," explained Romney."Incomes are going down, at the same time electric prices, gas, and food costs are going up. "These are tough times for the American people and the answer to help America is to get small business growing again and raising wages." 

Romney's plan to help small business includes pro-growth, tax policies, regulatory policies that enourage small business, and get rid of "Obamacare."

Gov. Romney also said that he plans to stop shrinking the military and balance the budget in his first 100 days in office.

"We are becoming weaker and weaker fundamentally and economically," said Romney. "If I become president, I will make it my priority in my first 100 days to take action and get America on track towards a balanced budget."