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Awesomely Bad Holiday Sweaters

Awesomely Bad Holiday Sweaters

The golden years of horrible holiday sweaters may be behind us. The 1980's were an excellent decade for tacky Christmas wear. Even in the 90's everyone and their mother (and grandmother) started sporting a holiday sweater the day after Thanksgiving - and it was considered cool. Alas, the holiday sweater has been relegated to hipsters and / or the ironic Holiday Sweater Party. 

As a fashion consultant I'm very thankful that stores are carrying fewer Christmas cardigans each year. But, there is a part of me that is quite nostalgic for the joy a really bad sweater can bring. Thus, I recently searched for an awful sweater contender that is a) currently on the market b) displays the true spirit of the holidays in sweater form.

Oooh, did I hit gold.