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Photo Gallery | Whole Foods vs. Local Supermarkets

What I found today when I visited a few of the local supermarkets:

  • The best place to buy cereal is Harris Teeter or Shoppers. They have by far the best deals on the best selections.
  • Pumpkins? Harris Teeter and Whole Foods definitely had the best looking. Harris Teeter or Giant had the best deals.
  • Olive Oil? Whole Foods had more of an organic selection. I liked the 1.5 liters of Whole Foods' brand Extra Virgin Olive Oil at $5.99. Shoppers and Harris Teeter had some good buys if you purchase store brand as well.
  • Ice Cream? I chose Breyers because I knew it was pretty universal.Whole Foods and Shoppers sold it for the same price: $4.99. Shoppers and Harris Teeter had the best selection of ice cream unless you are looking for gluten free. If that is the case, then your store would be Whole Foods.
  • Spring Water? If you drink bottled water then you must recycle. That being said, if you are going for store brand I'd say Shoppers. If you are going for Nestle, Deer Park, or Figi I'd shop at Harris Teeter.

Shocking to me was that Whole Foods, known for their expensive prices, carry brand items that are the same or cheaper in price than local grocery stores.

Also, Harris Teeter runs good deals and carries similiar  Whole Foods selections.

My pick for one-stop shopping? Harris Teeter.